Sam and Son Services


Commercial Site Work

Includes the preparation of the ground for installation of new buildings, parking lots, electrical substations, parks, etc. This work may include excavation, pipe work, concrete structure construction and rough/final grading. From stripping topsoil to bringing site to final grade, we will perform the required work in order to achieve project completion on time.



Our excavation services include site development, demolition work, septic systems, commercial landscaping excavation and excavation work for underground utilities. Our wide variety of machines - from a compact 50 excavator to a 240 excavator - enables us to perform any excavation job required. With our adaptable hoe rams that can fit our smallest to largest excavators, we are able to dig through nearly any material.


Concrete Work

We provide at and below grade concrete structures ranging from small concrete sidewalks to large electrical substations consisting of poured foundations, footers, piers, duct banks and exterior walls. Our work consists of the highest standards for concrete, reinforcing steel, formwork, concrete placement, curing, and construction joints.


Dump Truck Service

We offer a full range of tandem and tri-axle trucks that are capable of satisfying your hauling needs. Our smaller trucks are able to provide smaller loads to residential areas or compact sites and our larger trucks with divisible load permits allow us to haul up to 22 ton in a single load. Whether you need material trucked onsite or material hauled offsite we are sure to have the truck to fit your need.



Our horizontal boring machine is capable of installing pipe from 18" up to 36" diameter and is useful for pipe installation beneath road surfaces, fence lines and any area where excavators might not fit due to confined spaces. It can bore through solid soil, sand and anything in between. It has the advantages of limiting the disturbance to the surrounding ground and makes them suitable to use in heavily urbanized areas.


Residential Waterlines

We will provide all materials and install the waterline from the shut off valve into your home with complete hookups inside. We will coordinate with the local town or village during the installation process to follow building codes established in the district and allowing for the necessary inspections upon completion.


Water Main Installation

Furnishing all services necessary to construct, complete with appurtenances, water main extensions as approved by the governing water department.

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